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Who's That Girl

Standing Center Stage

Yvette "AQueen "is an exceptional woman who embodies strength, resilience, and unwavering dedication. Not only is she a friend, but also a sister, providing hope through her nonprofit, the V Love  Foundation. She is a force to be reckoned with, a tenacious and beautiful soul with a heart as vast as the ocean. Yvette's compassion knows no bounds, and her kindness touches the lives of everyone around her. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mind, Yvette excels as a thorough businesswoman, setting herself apart as a leader in her field. Her faith is the cornerstone of her life, and she is a God-fearing woman, guided by the spirit. Her unwavering faith is a source of inspiration to those fortunate enough to know her. Her passion for sharing knowledge and wisdom shines through in her thought-provoking podcast, The She Shack, which enriches the lives of her listeners and spreads positivity and empowerment.

My Story

Loving on me and at peace

YeVette "AQueen" Trench

Yevette's story is one of resilience and strength. Despite facing many challenges in her childhood, she persevered and is now a dedicated individual who helps others navigate through similar struggles. As a proud native of New Orleans and a mother of four wonderful adult children, Yevette's journey is an inspiration to many.

Early in life Yevette learned the meaning of strength, at the age of five years old she became the head of the house and parent to her three year old brother while her mother battled cancer. By the time she was seven years old she would be introduced to sex via sexual molestion of a trusted family member resulting in the lost of her virgiinity. Spending many night lonely sad and depressed Yevette learned the concept of compatmentalizing  traumatic experiences. This would become her comfort zone. When Yevette was fifteen years old she would encounter yet another sexual predator. For the next dedcade after her second attack Yevette would engage in risky behaviors and experienment with iliciet drugs.  Through determination to provide a better life for her now four children Yevette became relentless and began to fight back from depression anxiety, and PTSD. Today Yevette is an advote for change. Sharing her story of triumph and resilence through her amazing talk show The She Shack Live Experience and the non profit organization The V Love Foundation where she is the founder and President.

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