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Breaking Down Barriers

YeVette Trench

Mar 18, 2023

Make way for a change maker

Sherry Dorsey Walker is making history by running for the position of Lieutenant Governor of Delaware as the first African American woman to do so. In a recent interview with the host A Queen, she discussed the pressing healthcare disparities affecting the African American community in Delaware. One of the major issues is the high infant mortality rate in the state. Sherry Dorsey Walker shared her plan to bridge the gap between healthcare workers and the community through the promotion of a new program called Doulas. This program encourages nurses and midwives to become doulas and educate young women on prenatal care, healthy eating, exercise, and the risks of high-risk pregnancies. This initiative will help address the shortage of gynecologists in the state and nationwide. Sherry Dorsey Walker's political career has been dedicated to addressing important issues affecting her community.

Sherry Dorsey Walker, a native of Wilmington, Delaware, is the first person of color elected to the Delaware House of Representatives from the 3rd District in 2018. As well, she is first woman and the first person of color elected in the 6th District to the Wilmington City Council in 2012. She earned a Masters Degree in Film from Howard University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Delaware in English/Journalism. She is a proud product of St. Elizabeth School, where she attended for 12 years.  


In 2001, Sherry established SWAP Productions LLC, an independent film production company. SWAP is an acronym for Sisters With A Purpose. Sherry humbly believes that her purpose in life is to educate, entertain and enlighten through her films and her public service. For this reason, she conceptualized “Justice For All: The Documentary,” a film focusing on the perils of the juvenile justice system in America and overseas. It was this project that helped change the laws at the federal level regarding juvenile justice after it was screened before the Congressional Black Caucus.

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