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Free Your Self from Childhood Trauma

Ye'Vette Trench

Apr 16, 2024

Fear makes the wolf bigger

After The Tears

Have you ever heard the German proverb that fear makes the wolf bigger than he is, and have you ever wondered what you need to do to make the wolf look normal-sized? The funny thing is that neither love nor courage seem appropriate and were considered standard opposites suggested for fear. When it comes to healing and self discovery , it is crucial to remember not to rationalize abandonment or resentment, however accept them as real issues. The most important thing to keep in mind during this process is that you matter and it is essential to allow yourself to feel your emotions fully without judgement or inhibition. This is a vital step in processing and resolving the original trauma, and it will ultimately lead to relief.

Step 1: Put You First

To overcome childhood trauma, there are several beneficial habits to keep in mind. Firstly, developing healthy habits such as distancing yourself from toxic people, reducing stress, practicing stress reduction techniques, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are critical components to recovery. Secondly, seeking support is equally important, moreover give yourself grace and time to heal. Be patient with yourself your not on anyone's time clock. Your healing is your healing and may not look like what you have witnessed in other people. That is okay. Timing is everything and God's timing is perfect. It can never be delayed by anything you have done in your life. In-fact being patient with yourself is the armor needed to combat self-criticism-negative self talk and guilt which can become widespread in ones thinking process and can lead to risky behaviors, anxiety, drug addiction, and depression. By acknowledging and recognizing the trauma for what it is, you can then reclaim control over your life.

It is also helpful to replace bad habits with good ones and find a suitable therapist or life coach. Therapy can be a great resource when dealing with childhood traumas, and it is not the only way to heal, however it can be necessary in some special circumstances. By practicing self-love and self- care, you can actively participate in your healing process and work towards a more meaningful and joyful life. Remember never isolate yourself, or neglect your health and always learn the meaning of acceptance and letting go.

Let Go and Let God

Cast all your anxiety on him who cares for you (1Peter 5:7 NIV study bible). We often worry about things that are completely out of our control, tricking ourselves that if we worry over it long enough it will somehow improve the circumstances or outcome. Carrying your worries and daily struggles by yourself shows that you have not trusted God fully with your life. it takes humility to recognize that cares for you and about you. In-fact Gods love for his creations is unconditional and he protects us with an iron fist.

Sometimes we, carry the burden of our pat childhood trauma's silently. However how many know that its not silent. That trauma re-incarnate itself into behaviors, fears, anxiety, emotional and spiritual warfare, and poor physical and mental health. I am familiar all too well of what untreated trauma can do, and the havoc it can bring into your adult life. The impact on our mental health robs us of the foundations and basic building blocks necessary for self love to develop, such as self esteem confidence in self. Sadness loneliness, depression anxiety social awkwardness and broken toxic relationships is the results of untreated trauma, however there choices that can change your mindset and revolutionize your life to one that is fulfilling healthier and happier filled with love joy and peace.

Building Blocks to a Life of self love, love for others and true happiness begins with positive self talk

Step 2: Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk: Talking to yourself is not a bad thing if your saying the right things. Self talk our spiritual internal voice that influence our subconscious mind and it reveals our deepest most inner thoughts., beliefs, values and ideas. The benefits of positive self -talk is limitless and it is proven to improve ones over all out look on life as well. Positive self talk impacts both our physical and mental well being, in-fact it is believed that positive self talk affects our overall performance in our careers marriage, friendships, endurance and physical well-being.

  1. Reduces Stress

  2. Increase Vitality

  3. improves cardiovascular health

  4. reduces pain in muscles and joints

  5. reduce the risk of stress related death

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