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What is a Funny Acting Black Girl

Yvette AQueen Trench

Mar 21, 2023

Funny thing is it is not funny at all

Have you ever been labeled as "funny acting"? Has anyone ever asked you why you seem distant or why you don't engage with others? It's a label that I've worn as a badge of shame for years, until I discovered this amazing platform. This platform highlights that Black girls aren't "funny acting" at all. Our behavior could be influenced by emotions like anxiety, and we're often judged based on assumptions - for example, people might assume we're stuck up when we're just tired or overwhelmed. Many women face social awkwardness, and it's not always easy to fit in or feel accepted. Being called names only makes it worse - it can lead to social anxiety and low self-esteem. This platform has helped me understand that I'm not alone, and that there are others who feel the same way. It's empowering to know that we can break free from these labels and stereotypes and be accepted for who we truly are.

Funny Acting Black Girl® (n) : A Black girl who is mischaracterized as sometimey when, in fact, she's overwhelmed. A Black girl who is labeled standoffish when, actually, she's introverted. Stuck-up when she's scared or experiencing anxiety. A Black girl who "got an attitude" when, really, she's hungry or simply not interested. A Black girl who is mischaracterized as FUNNY ACTING when, in actuality, she's experiencing an emotion that exists outside of humanity’s frame for Black girls.

The CEO and creator of Funny Acting black Girls sat down with me and discussed the purpose of her brand and the misconceptions of black women who are characterized as funny acting. The revelation that these women are nor funny acting are are simply jmisunderstood, in fact these women have some sort of social anxiety related to some past situations that left them feeling like they have to survey the room before engaging with anyone in it. Check out for more fun facts about the funny acting black girl sterotype.

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