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Why is the infant mortality rate so high in the black community

Mar 20, 2024

Structural racism within a healthcare system is not a new thing,

The infant mortality rate amongst the African-American community is three times higher than the white infant mortality rates. Specifically in the state of Delaware black babies are about three times more likely to die before they first birthday, then white babies in the state of Delaware, according to Delaware, division of health health, black infant mortality rates equated to more than 12 deaths per 1000 births doing one solid year Strides are being made to come combat maternal and infant health disparities in the first state according to the center of disease control every year in the United States about 700 people die during pregnancy or in the year after giving birth and about 50,000 people each year have unexpected outcomes of labor and delivery with serious health consequences.

These numbers reflect all people who give birth, but the crisis particularly impacts black women who are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy related calls than white Women , now the Delaware healthy mother and infant connoisseur was created in 2005 to come back to states rise and infant mortality rate it’s predecessor the governors infant mortality task force issued a report on Delaware’s high infant mortality rate, including 20 recommendations to reduce the number of Delaware babies who die before their first birthday, and eliminate the racial disparity that exist between the affected babies This report concluded that healthy women have healthy babies highlighting the need to increase focus on maternal health in the first states.

Structural racism within a healthcare system is not a new thing, but merely but more recently it has become a topic of conversation and more and more women have been speaking out about their own experiences. It has been recognized both nationally and locally that healthcare systems are not always equitable and safe for black families One way DHMIC aims to comeback that is by working with local organizations such as black mothers and power to connect women with Dullas Dullas advocate for women throughout their entire birthing process and work to help black women feel comfortable and medical settings black women like trust within the healthcare system so some and dues and midwives have really been on the rise because they need that additional support . .

Central Delaware community Doula program was established in 2021 as an outlet to fulfill due care Dula foundations mission and intentionally trainers off subsidized support and provide a connection to community resources for more information about Doula support within the state of Delaware. You can find this information and much more at The Do Care Doula Foundation aims to reduce birth disparities in the Black and brown birthing community by offering free or low-cost Doula support to those who cannot afford it. This support has been proven to decrease unnecessary interventions and complications during pregnancy and childbirth, which are some of the reasons behind the increased birth disparities.

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